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If you have visited our site, most likely you have found yourself or may find yourself in a delicate, or somewhat unpleasant situation, so as not to torment yourself with guesses, speculations, doubts, not to waste your precious time, it is better to turn to a professional in time.

The possession of information at the present time is of great importance, but the main thing is to be qualified, as well as to obtain it promptly, which is what our private detectives are successfully doing. Detective agency professionals are present in all regional cities of Ukraine.

Private detective Odessa
Private Detective Odessa «Detective-PIC» Best Detective Agency Odessa!

Private detective Odessa. “Oh, Odessa, a pearl by the sea!” Odessa was rightfully considered and is considered a pearl by the sea. The city is already more than 200 years old, and it never ceases to delight residents of Odessa and guests of the city. Transforms and blossoms, “not the city – but the bride!” Given the location of the city on the Black Sea coast, the presence of an international sea station, an international airport, Odessa is known all over the world. A lot of people, originally from Odessa and having Odessa roots, have become famous all over the world. Odessa region is the largest in Ukraine. Therefore, the work of a private detective in Odessa agency “Detective-PIC” is enough.

Information - the key to everything. You must know the strengths of your enemies, and see which friends you do not friend.
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Supervision and professionalism of a private detective in Odessa

Odessa has long been famous for the beauty of local women, their charm, sophisticated facial features and mind are known all over the world. Accordingly, our beauties have many suitors abroad. Therefore, very often young people order the service of monitoring their passions, the beauty of our Ukrainian women is to blame. The Odessa detective agency will professionally, quickly and efficiently provide an observation service. As proof, the client always receives a photo and video report on the work done. You will know every step of your beloved, wherever she is: whether it is a beach by the sea, shopping in malls, restaurants or nightclubs. Employees of the Odessa detective agency are always mobile and perform the assigned tasks competently and accurately, so that none of the girls will guess that she is being watched. Professionalism and confidentiality are above all for a private detective in Odessa!

Finding a person is one of the common services with which a private detective in the city of Odessa is turned. You can search for a person for various reasons: search for a missing relative, search for friends, classmates, classmates, co-workers, search for a business partner who does not fulfill his obligations. In our difficult time, the service of searching for fraudsters and debtors has become very popular. According to your tasks, a private detective in Odessa can collect complete and reliable information, both about a person and about the organization you are interested in.

A private detective in Odessa will search for a person.
Professional - is the one who can do their job at the highest level, even if you do not want to do it right now.
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Useful services of private detective Odessa
Useful services of private detective «Detective-PIC»
Family help in Odessa from a detective agency.

The family is the unit of society. Often family disagreements, suspicions, jealousy, mistrust, misunderstanding come to the fore. They eat up a strong family from the inside. The Odessa Detective Agency Odessa can help in such situations. Our team of professionals, both detectives and certified psychologists, will help resolve such delicate issues. Sometimes parents quarrel over children, especially during adolescence, when children need attention and understanding from their parents. Private detective Odessa offers a service to check the lifestyle of children. Check the suspicious company and the environment of your child, whether he is skipping school or gymnasium, visits some strange institutions, whether he secretly uses alcohol, or even worse drugs. All this and other information can be provided by the staff of the detective agency Odessa “Detective-PIC”. Often we just want to know!

A private detective in Odessa will collect information.

It is worth a lot to have information today. A private detective Odessa can collect information about both individuals and legal entities. Do you want to know everything about the environment of your children, to collect information about your spouse’s new passion or what kind of property your future business partner has? Set tasks and a private detective Odessa to fulfill any client’s request within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine!

Our customers have to choose between security and privacy of data. We can and should give them both equally. We believe that people have a right to privacy.
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The site contains not all types of services of a private detective in Odessa. Please check additionally.

– Services of a private detective for photo-video fixation
– Collection of information about individuals and legal entities
– Confirmation or refutation of the fact of adultery
– Identification of a fake bride or, more simply, “scammers”
– Services of a detective agency for testing a lie detector
– Department of the detective agency for the compilation of the family tree
– Provision of services for checking the lifestyle of children
– We have extensive experience in finding debtors and fraudsters
– We provide services for the search for persons in Ukraine and abroad
– Services for the search for the missing

– Search for the missing participants of the Second World War

– Services for conducting test purchases, “mystery shopper”
– Provision of services for the security of real estate transactions
– Services for the search for lost property
– Detective services to ensure security on the Internet (Cyber ​​attack), identification and preparation of a report.
– other services of a private detective that relate to private detective activity and do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.

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