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Search for people in the internet

Search for people in the internet Question: Is it possible to find someone on the internet? Answer: The private detective is often asked to find a man in the web of the Internet. Using his skills and achievements, as well as professionals in this case we provide such detective services. It all depends on the […]


Search for stolen vehicles

Search for stolen vehicles Question: Whether you are engaged in tracing stolen cars?   Answer: No! Our private detectives do not provide services to search for any means of transport, since we do not enter the customer into thinking it is business prospects, and in this case a positive result is reduced to almost zero. […]


Search for missing relatives

Search for missing relatives Question: our relatives were missing. We hope that you will help us. Answer: Such a request is not uncommon for us, we can even say that the search for people who went missing, is one of the main directions of our activity, since this service is most needed. We ask clients […]


Search for relatives in Kiev

Search for relatives in Kiev Question: I need that you will find my relatives in Kiev. can you do it?   Answer: Yes. We can help you in this matter. We can set the home address of your relative, but only with the consent of the person sought. In addition, the required minimum initial information […]


Searching for people in Europe

Searching for people in Europe Question: Hello. I need to find the man, but not in Ukraine, as in the EU or the CIS. Could you help me?   Answer: Our detectives are able to provide information about people or organizations that are not only in Ukraine but also in EU countries and the CIS. […]


Searching for a girl

Searching for a girl   Question: Recently, resting on the sea, I met a girl, now I want to find her, but information about her is very little. Could your detective agency “Detective-PIC” help me?   Answer: We can help if you have at least a minimum of data. In any case, you must provide […]

Three Generation Family Sitting On Sofa Together

Searching for relatives

Searching for relatives Question: Our relatives (son, daughter, brother, and so on.) moved from Odessa to the capital, a few days later the connection was broken, and so the relatives did not call and did not tell about themselves. Does your detective agency “Detective-PIC” help somehow?   Answer: The loss of your relatives (son, daughter, […]


Search for animals

Search for animals Question: Whether you are looking for a missing pet? Answer: No,  private detective agency “Detective-PIC” may not engage in such services ..


Search for stolen cars

Search for stolen cars Question: Can the detectives find a missing many years ago, a person or a stolen car? Answer: Our Detective agency ”Detectiv-PIC” for such orders is not taken – in most cases a normal detective fails you and the scammer will advance promising 100% result. Exceptions only prove the rule. Yes, there […]