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Foto-video observation


Very often we are plagued by vague suspicion and speculation about how close to us person spends time away from us, and, unfortunately, come to mind quite happy thoughts. However, with the help of photo and video surveillance, you can get answers to your burning questions, without unnecessary scandals and clarify the relationship.

Private detective agency “Detective-PIC” collects information about the social circle, friends, places of leisure, all sorts of additional information about the partners, competitors, friends, spouses, etc. Video observation enables photos to get the full amount of all the necessary information about the person. All the data provided in the form of a detailed report: movement route, visiting address, the residence time at each address identified connections and contacts. The report also found a photo and video materials confirming this information.

Before you start a photo-video observation private investigator will carefully consider the information about the object. His/her appearance, clothes, habits. the most frequently visited places and preferred routes will be installed. After the collection and processing of primary information, developed a detailed action plan, as well as pre-calculated amount of manpower and resources that would be needed to implement the plan.

Private detectives of our agency have significant experience in law enforcement agencies, through which hidden video photo observation is conducted professionally. The quality of work is not affected by the weather, no traffic jams. The object will never be released out of sight.

Also detective agency “Detective-PIC” provides a special kind of observation – counter-observation. If you have any misgivings that the photo-video surveillance conducted by you or members of your family, the private investigator will hold a series of special events aimed at identifying detection. Early detection monitoring will help you to understand the situation and give time to make the necessary decisions. You will be able to control their behavior, plan for it, which is often an advantage over an opponent. Counter-surveillance – the most complicated operation that requires special skill and care, because the photo-video observation is conducted for those who lead it himself.


Our private detectives in detective agency “Detective-PIC”  are always ready to provide services to individuals and legal enterprises on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.