To collect information

To collect the information


Services of private detectives may be necessary for those who want to make the collection of information on personal data, full documentary evidence of registration and actual location of the object of interest, contact numbers, availability of property and ownership of investment assets. Private detective carefully and unobtrusively will collect the necessary information about the place of work, position, customer revenue, as well as criminal record and other administrative penalties. Gathering information about a person includes the establishment of data on the circle of close relatives of a person, the presence of his firearms, or other special funds, as well as a variety of other useful data.


Service “ to collect the information” has quite an adequate price, which depends on the number and complexity of the work. It is important that the work will be done qualitatively, in compliance with the client’s interests and in a professional manner. Information is received from the customer, strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed.

Private detective Odessa actions conducted strictly in accordance with applicable law. In the process of gathering information about a person respected the inviolability of the home, as well as banking, medical, lawyer, notary and commercial secrets. Violation of the law can have negative consequences. Therefore, the detectives are working with legal clarity, correctness and professionalism.



To collect information of a person

To collect information of a person To collect information about an individual: – Place and date of birth; – Family status; – Information about relatives; – Passport data; – Address registration, phone; – Military registration; – Convictions; – Administrative offenses; – Availability of vehicles, real estate; – History of employment; – Full information about the […]


To collect the information of the enterprises

To collect the information of the enterprises   To collect the information of the enterprises: -Full Company address, contact telephone numbers; -Department аnd representation; -All registration data; -Activities; -Licences; -Bank accounts; -Balance firm; -Assets; -Founders.   Time and cost of the order depends on the number of input data, as well as the complexity of […]