Search for people


It happens that the circumstances or time separated from the people dear to us. Often, people move, change phone numbers, names, old connections are lost.


The reasons for people search can be different: the desire to meet with old classmates, coworkers, colleagues, joint memories, unfinished business.

Often the reason people search becomes a crime committed against you. Bad debts, fraud – a problem that must be solved. Often, the resolution is difficult because people hide their location. Everyone leaves its mark. All we communicate to each other the travelers leave their phone numbers, passport details.

Your desire to find someone – a professional challenge for a private investigator. For each case developed a range of activities to search for people.

The most importance provides search close friends and relatives. These tasks private detective begins immediately.

Of course, the most selected information about the person you want to find, and prompt submission of application after the disappearance, will reduce people search estimates and increase the chance of a quick result. The performance of the private detective does not affect the weather, road conditions, time of day and the state border.


Remember, contacting a private detective agency “Detective-PIK” – the key to a competent, efficient and effective solution to the problem to find people!


The search list people of our detectives may include the following services of our detective agency:

– Search for people by name, surname

– Find a person by phone (search by number of man, the human search for mobile)

– Find people in network

– Search for missing people

– Search for people on social networks (Facebook, Twitter,VK, Instagram, OK)

– People search for photos

– Find a person according to adress

– Search people of War

– Search human data


Detectives of our agency providing services across all Ukrainian district cities such as Odessa, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv and others.