Search for properties

If you are still faced with this unpleasant fact, do not worry, nothing without a trace does not disappear. In 99% of cases there is also a loss, and not guilty of stealing the natural or legal person.

It should be noted that for effective search and return of material values necessary to have some knowledge and real-world experience to investigate such incidents.

Search methods largely depend on the methods used by perpetrators of crime and concealment of stolen.

You need to install:

– The degree of scarcity (supply) wanted wealth, which affects the time required for their sale;

– The size and amount of material assets;

– The degree of possibility of legal marketing, storage of wealth in the community;

– The possible form of transport values.

Convincing advice try not to take an independent search, because acting without some skill, you can significantly complicate the return process, if not entirely exclude that option !!!

Our detectives have the necessary and sufficient education, experience, administrative resources, unique techniques that will allow us in the shortest possible time to help you to convict the guilty and return the lost.

The foregoing may refer to:

– Fraudulent actions with real estate;

– The loss of funds from storage sites;

– Theft of funds from the accounts of the company;

– Theft of goods, commodities and other tangible assets;.

– Fraudulent actions with the securities;

– Fraudulent actions with contributions;


The list goes on, but we assure you that effectively confidentially and quickly help in any situation, you have the created.

Do not forget the main thing – the sooner you contact a private detective agency “DetectivePIK” of the incident, the more likely a positive result!