Private detective`s information


Private detective inexpensive

Private detective inexpensive   Private detective inexpensive! Recourse to private detectives in solving various problems, you should immediately understand that the services of a private detective can not be cheap, because the solution to your problems takes a lot of time and money! Also, if you see an advertisement “Private Detective inexpensive” – can immediately […]


Detective work

Detective work Acquaint with the principles of working Detective agency “Detective-PIC”:   – A private detective never transmit or disclose the information to third parties – You will always be able to get acquainted with the real prospects of the case, we do not introduce their clients misled – A private detective is not working […]


Hire a private detective

  Do not trust the business partner? Doubt the fidelity of her husband? I suspect your child to use alcohol or, even worse, drugs? Private detective answers your many questions and can advise you. But sometimes the question is how and where to hire a private detective? First, run immediately to relatives or close friends […]

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Private detective prices

Private detective prices   Everything in life has a price, and therefore the work of a private investigator must be paid. Prices of private detective services are coordinated for each situation separately. Private detective rates depend on many factors: the complexity of the case, the number of operational and monitoring work on the identification, volume […]


Licensed private detective

Licensed private investigator. Despite the fact that in many countries such as the profession of private detective has been around a long time and is licensed in our state law on private detective activity Parliament can not accept! And despite the fact that currently in Ukraine this type of activity is not considered a statutory […]


Detectives feedback

The work of a private investigator is often associated with people. Most customers are satisfied and expressed their gratitude in the comments private detective. Whatever they say, as private detectives basically facing family or household problems. In exile, the private detective feedback always only found warm words of gratitude. Reviews of the private detective people […]