How does the polygraph:

Modern “lie detector” can simultaneously shoot and record up to 10 indicators of organism. Starting with the classic measurement of pulse and pressure, and ending with measurement of skin-galvanic reaction and change in voice. This device automatically analyzes these indicators and signals of change of polygraph by calculating the degree of “sincerity” evaluated person.


How does a polygraph test:


Modern polygraph test procedure is significantly different from the methods of the medieval “torture chamber”. Polygraph test should be conducted in a quiet room with neutral conditions, which are not “clinging” view of the test. Before the test should talk to a specialist subject, telling him what was happening. It should rather elaborate on the subject of the interview, which asked questions about the testing procedure. As a result, communication has tested calm and constructive tune in to check on a polygraph. Not allowed to inspect the polygraph man in a state of alcohol or drugs, as well as behaving emotionally inadequate.


Currently, the polygraph is not the only tool of intelligence. With it held not only internal investigations and PP that took place in commercial organizations (leaks, theft and fraud), but made screening inspection staff (in employment) certification inspection working staff as well as verification of domestic issues ( suspicion of treason, check teens to various abuses, etc.)


Finally it should be noted that the best way to “cheat” lie detector – is telling the truth!